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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 14, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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what he has to say about the president's social media habits. . >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. well, good morning, to you. thank you, for joining us. it's friday, february 14th. it's a happy valentine's day for pam. >> and you. >> and, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> and, good morning. i'm pam cook. and we wore out the red with the parade and the chinese new year. playing some love songs. >> "you've lost that loving feeling" all right. let's get to it here. we have a big fog bank. 40s and 50s. we'll end up with upper 50s and low 60s. san jose has a little overcast near 50 degrees. i don't think the lows will move too much. there's too much in the way of fogs and clouds and there it is. 40s, 50s for most.
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there's an on shore breeze in place. with that in mind highs today near average right about where they should be inland. sal is here. let's hope it's a friday light. >> i'm hoping it's going to be a nice commute for you just about to leave the house. let's talk about solano county heading over to marin. it's a nice-looking drive. no issues from cordelia all the way past the venetia bridge. live picture here looks good and at the toll plaza it is light. 4:31. let's go back to the desk. now, take a look at this. on the left you see a photo of a suspect in a robbery on monday morning. sent to us by residents in oakland's diamond district just hours later. and, then, on the right a man
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who neighbors believe is the same person. ktvu's rob roth talked to neighbors who want that man captured. >> new surveillance video sent to ktvu by an oakland resident. it shows one man walking up to a house. one man displays what appears to be a gun in ace waistband. moments later a contractor was robbed at gun point. two hours later two men, one man with red pants attacked a man at gun point while he was vacuuming his car. he took his phone, jewelry and keys. the young man's father is replacing the locks on his door thursday. we showed the latest video to him. the father asked us not to show his face. >> they need to be caught. who knows what else they're
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going to do. >> police say two hours after his son's attack, another armed robbery. this time on san pablo avenue. police believe it's the same person that's in the diamond district video that's three armed robberies in less than five hours possibly involving the same person. neighbors in the diamond district are keeping their guard up. >> we're all trying to hold it together here and we're all trying to live peacefully and so it's pretty scary. >> i'm always looking behind me. i have my dogs. i don't care my wallet. i have a flip phone and i carry the basics. >> no one's been injured physically in any of these armed robberies, at least not so far. police in alameda are looking for the person wanted in an attempted robbery that was recorded by a surveillance camera. that incident happened on wednesday on santa clara avenue.
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a man in jeans pointed a weapon and a knife at a woman. a man who was working at a nearby house came out and chased away that robber. the santa clara county sheriff's office says vandals shattered the windows of vehicles. investigators say the victims are all county employees but their cars were parked in an unsecured area that is accessible to the public. authorities believe the suspects were driving a white suv. time is now 4:34. pete buttigieg, a democratic presidential candidate will be fundraising right here in the bay area. yesterday, he was endorsed by california's lieutenant governor lany cunalockes. she thinks buttigieg has the ability to connect with and energize voters. >> well, i've been watching pete buttigieg for a long time,
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watching the debates and he's an incredibly impressive person. you can see it. he was a veteran. he's the mayor of a small town in the mid western united states which to me is a real plus. but, mostly, what was really coming through was what a capable person he is. . >> before this endorsement, she supported senator kamala harris. democratic presidential candidate michael bloomberg has a new campaign office in the bay area. it opened in pleasant hill to serve as a headquarters for contra costa and solano counties. among the supporters yesterday was martinez mayor rob schroder. one bloomberg campaign staffer says she thinks bloomberg's rising poll numbers have raised interests in the billionaire. >> i started looking at the polls and not seeing anybody that i felt that could defeat
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trump and that was incredibly terrifying honestly to me. . >> many of the candidates are starting to schedule more campaign time in california as the super tuesday primary is on march 3rd. it gets closer. time now 4:36. michael bloomberg's campaign strategy has been to skip the early voting states and focus on the super tuesday states. he's willing to spend at least 2 (200) 000-0000 to beat president trump. president trump and bloomberg have been having a war of words as well. >> he calls me little mike and the answer is donald, where i come from we measure your height from your neck up. >> because of a change in the debate rules, michael bloomberg may qualify for the next democratic presidential debate scheduled for next wednesday in las vegas. president trump will be going to southern california next week for a big fundraiser along with oracle founder larry
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ellison. for $100,000 donors can play golf and get a photo with the president. a $250,000 donation gets you golf, a photo and a round table discussion. that event will be held at ellison's home next wednesday. president trump's tweets attacking the justice department make it impossible for him to do his job. doug luzader reports on the rare criticism from a rare member of his administration. >> william barr is trying to get a federal judge to go easy on a friend of the president's. barr says the president is not making his job any easier. >> i had a problem with some of the tweets and i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody. >> barr speaking to abc news criticized his boss after the
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president tweeted his outrage after the first proposed sentence. he has been convicted of lying to congress and obstructing the russia investigation. barr says he made his own decision to recommend a shorter sentence. >> i'm going to do what i think is right. i cannot do my job here at the adopt with a constant background commentary that undercuts me. >> barr's decision prompted four federal prosecutors to quit the case. house speaker nancy pelosi suggested otherwise. >> that doesn't mean we're going to spend all of our time. >> the white house meantime brushed aside barr's criticism, but a number of republicans say the president should pay attention. >> i think the attorney general says it's getting in the way of doing his job, maybe the president should listen to the attorney general. >> the democrats are going to
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push for more investigations and barr is set to vote in congress next week. our time is now 4:39. u.s. government scientists are saying january was the hottest january on record. their latest climate change report found temperatures were more than two degrees higher than the 20th century average and last month's temperature broke the previous record set four years ago. scientists say 2020 is on track to be one of the hottest years since the government began keeping the records in 1880. also this is interesting. scientists say in the last few weeks the dry weather we've had have pushed california back into a drought. those in the areas in yellow you see. the tan area is already classified as a monthed rate
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drought. 4:39 is the time. it's hard to enjoy beautiful nice weather when we know we're supposed to getting rain. >> let's go out and take a look out at the drive in solano county. it looks all right. even highway 4 looks good from antioch to concord. this is the time for you to be driving. all these things look very nice and no major issues here and if you're driving to the bay bridge it continues to be a very nice drive. even the south bay commute is off to a nice start. and on this friday we hope we'll have a little bit of a lighter commute. it's 4:40. let's bring steve back in here. . we have parts of march and april to go still. in march, we will be complaining of too much rain.
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>> i like the way you're thinking. see. try and be positive. i think things will turn eventually. 40s and 50s on your temps. not much of a breeze, there is one. it's onshore otherwise we wouldn't have this much fog. when that's in place, the onshore you get that 40s and 50s. on the peninsula, everyone's reporting. san carlos 47. menalow park and everyone else, woodside a little cooler at 43. napa to concord, to fairfield and all the way out to vacaville. davis northwest but for most intensive purposes. that's a big fog bank for this time of year. rain stays north. no doubt about it. we had some drizzle up there in the santa rosa area.
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there's just no rain showing up yet looking into next week. it will be cooler. a little wind might pick up next week. until we get to sunday, monday it's a big fog bank. 50s and 60s on your temps. these are a little below average. then we'll see more sunshine but it will be breezy. time is 4:42. a new proposal to keep san francisco streets clean. one supervisor says it's common sense. >> plus your food delivery may not be coming from the restaurant you ordered but a ghost kitchen instead. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
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is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today airline catering workers are planning to hold a demonstration. the demonstration will take place from 3:30 this afternoon until 6:00 tonight. the union that represents the workers wants a better health care plan and higher pay. the state supreme court says apple has to repay employees. apple managers routinely check their employees to make sure they don't steal anything when their shift is over. this new court ruling covers all apple employees. now, in this lawsuit, apple's
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ceo tim cook says he didn't know about that policy. well, when you order food for delivery, you may think you know where your meal's coming from. >> ktvu's christien kafton is exposing the dark side where an actual restaurant may not even be involved. >> a kitchen's third kounz. owner greg loouth says that has to be the case. because third cousin doesn't deliver. >> we don't do delivers because we don't want the quality to be compromised. so imagine just how surprised loouth was when he found out third cousin was on a third party delivery app. >> we didn't have an order. literally someone walked in with a phone saying i want to order a pork chop . the pork chop hasn't been on the menu
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for months. the menu he had was over a year old. >> online he found his restaurant listed for deliveries. on authorized deliveries was just the tip of the iceberg. kimberly james who says she delivers in the atlanta, georgia area says sometimes the deliveries don't even come from restaurants at all. in one case she pulled up to a man's home for an early morning order. >> i had to sit on his couch in his house and watch him cook food in his kitchen. no gloves. no kind of safety standards. >> she says she's picked up food from restaurants, condos, and trailers in some cases warning the dierns if she had concerns. >> with uber eats and people being able to just get on there and cook from a bus stealing electricity from a construction site. i used to be a corporate trainer for mcdonald's and
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that's food safety issue. >> it turns out trailers aren't all that camera and are completely legal provided they follow the same rules add brick and mortar restaurants. this unassuming trailer in a mission district parking lot has functioned as a permitted and inspected thai restaurant. >> they say all food preparation and delivery services must meet the same strict guidelines as traditional brick and mortar restaurants. there is the potential for bad actors to slip into the food delivery world. >> back at third kounz, diners who are learning about these possibilities say they worry about exactly where their food is coming from. >> i would be very disserved if i found out i was ordering food from my favorite restaurant and it has been made in a ghost kitchenen and delivered to me
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and i paid some strange are for that. >> no drivers have stepped forward to talk about homes from delivers in the bay area. uber eats about the allegations from driver kimberly james. in response, uber said we take food safety very seriously and require contracts with our restaurant partners whereby they agree to abide by food safety standards. he has no idea if customers received orders that he didn't prepare. he spoke with the company. >> i actually had postmates call me that night at the restaurant and i said i want our listing taken down. we never opted in on it. >> delivery companies say the delivery apps allow people to reach more customers. as for complaints from businesses that don't want deliveries, postmates says in the off chance a merchant wants to be removed from a platform
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all they have to do is reach out to us and we'll remove them. greg loouth isn't sure how he wound up on those apps in the first place and it's an ongoing process to scrub the restaurant from all the delivery services. >> i'll get to the bottom of it. if i have to get an attorney involved, that's a possibility. >> as for those who use delivery apps if they want to know more about where the food comes from they should get in contact with the restaurant directly or with the department of local health. >> wow. very interestin . 4:50 is the time. again, just to let people know we're starting traffic jams early. the team is love. i wonder why. >> st. valentine's day. >> right. >> good morning, everyone. let's talk about 280. you may love this commute. it looks great . 201, 85, all
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looking for good as you drive through the area, there have been no major issues. now usually we don't get backups it will in the 5:00 hour. there are no problems getting to the area. pinole, richmond, 580 all this area looks good. 4:51. let's bring steve paulson in with today's weather. >> so if somebody's tuning in your love songs songs will be. >> hopefully good. i think it's better than record heat in february. 40s and 50s on the temps here. i don't think they'll budge at all. city's 49 degrees. there's always breaks in the low cloud deck over the city. it just depends on where you are. there's a lot there for this time of year. i sent out a visible satellite
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image yesterday on twitter. that's what we're dealing with. everyone else is mainly in the 40s, upper 40s, foster city's 49. belmont's 49. the onshore breeze is in place. a couple of days ago this was all north, northeast. 70s to 80s and now that's been replaced with a mini summer pattern. we will have that on sunday. unfortunately it's dry. so morning overcast. 50s on the coast. and upper 50s around the bay. low 60s inland. we'll have to count on march helping us out or early april. i will not be surprised if we get some rain in april or may. would not surprise me in the least. if you work outside, you've had a nice run here. no rain to deal with. i get it. you tell me all the time,
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especially roofers. you're good to go all the way into the weekend. it will be cooler if we head into early next week. well, as the number of kierz cases keep going up, sfo is stopping all flights to mainland china. still ahead... the for latest numbers on the coronavirus dluing a new case here in the united states. >> and later... a death within the first six weeks of opening a new homeless navigation center. the concerns about it and what residents in the area say about how it's affected their neighborhood. >> plus... how some inmates on death row in california may soon be moved to different prisons. obama: he's been a leader
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throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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grand now we have to deal withed us climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:56. it's the 40th anniversary of the sierra nevada brewery. they're firing up its very first brew house. the tanks were hand-built from recycled dairy equipment by the founder ken grossman. it really wasn't much of a variety in the beer industry. >> most people were used to drinking pretty light lagger style beers and we came out with an ipa and it was a bit of a shocker for a lot of people but the people loved it and continued to grow from there.
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>> san francisco beer week continues through this weekend with dozens of beer related events happening all over the bay area. time now 4:56. the bay area is home to the healthiest city in america. san francisco is the nation's healthiest city followed by seattle, san diego, and portland. washington d.c. rounds out the top five. now that study ranked 174 cities based on four dimensions: health care, food, and green space. businesses and people living in san francisco will be waking up to cleaner sidewalks around the city. city workers were out doing deep cleaning of sidewalks yesterday. more than a dozen workers covered a big part of the tenderloin. .
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>> we understand that the challenges that the residents and the commercial units face with some of the debris and the stuff that they're facing in front of their business. we just want to work together and make sure they know that they have our systems. >> public works officials hope they have a partnership with their community and work together. time now 4:58. happening today, the lights outside of san francisco city hall will be red because it's valentine's day. those lights will be turned on right at sunset. and, if you're looking for something to do head down to the embarcadero plaza for the valentine's day pillow fight. volunteers will show some love for san francisco's ocean beach on this valentine's day. the turtle island restoration network is hosting an event. the love your beach clean upstarts at 10:00 this morning. volunteers will gather at the
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north end of the beach, the parking lot there and begin the clean up. the san diego burr ch aquarium breeding rare sea dragons. the aquarium is one of the few in the world to successfully breed this unusual fish. it's a weedy sea dragon, a cousin to the sea horse. it looks like gently drifting seaweed in the water. sea dragon populations are native to australia but thir threatened by pollution and the oceans getting warmer. for now, they're out of the public view until they mature and get older but you can see them at peer 39. we have new video this morning of the san francisco crash that seriously injured two men. we have an update on their condition and what we are learning about the driver. >> the guy that's going to beat donald trump. >> california voters getting
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ready to head to the ballot box ahead of super tuesday. we'll tell you who will be here in the bay area today. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. thank you, for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is friday, february 14th. i'm pam cook. >> and, good morning. i'm dave clark. hope you're ready for cool temperatures. . >> it's coming. >> 70s and 80s record highs. we ent the week with a big fog bank. so 40s and 50s on the temps here. 49. 4 below on the average high. a couple of days ago you were way above. the low is pretty close. we will see that big fog bank. 40s and 50s for most. so a little bit below coast and bay.


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